The Tree in the Ancient Forest
Carol Reed-Jones Illustrated by Christopher Canyon

A single old tree is home for owls and voles, squirrels and martens, and many other creatures of the deep woods. Through cumulative verse this book tells the tale of their community.

The remarkable web of plants and animals living around a single old fir tree takes on a life of its own in this stunningly illustrated story. Carol Reed-Jones' repetitive, cumulative versea poetic technique that children universally enjoyaptly portrays the amazing ways in which the inhabitants of the forest depend upon one another for survival. Christopher Canyon's memorable full-color paintings manage to be both magical and true to life. Complete with a guide to the forest creatures and their interrelationships, this book is a valuable learning tool as well as fun for kids.

TREE-P  Paper  $7.95  ISBN 1-883220-31-9
TREE-H  Cloth  $16.95  ISBN 1-883220-32-7
Ages 4-10  32 pages  13 color illustrations  8½" x  11¾"
Winner of the Publisher's Marketing Associations's Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Children's Picture Book - 1996

The Tree in the Ancient Forest is a marvelous book and a fine introduction to the life of a forest for ages 4 to 10.

NAPRA Review

Reed-Jones' cumulative verse technique, which very effectively illustrates the ecological concept, will make this book a lively story-time or lap-share read-aloud as well as a good choice for choral reading. Canyon's superb double-page illustrations can be appreciated both as fine works of art and as detailed studies of forest flora and fauna.

Booklist (Amer. Library Assn.)

Through cumulative, repetitive verse, the interrelatedness of plant and animal life surrounding an old fir tree is revealed. The colorful, close up, real life illustrations cover the entire page with the text overlaid. It answers the two stated questions "What is an ancient forest?" and "Why are ancient forests important?" At the end there is a glossary that gives descriptions of the various plants and animals encountered in this enlightening and appealing book.

Children's Literature - Mary Clayton Rowen

This is a book that parents can buy to read to their children and should be a welcome addition to the school library. Teachers can make effective use of the volume as part of science lessons, since the science is accurate and the book painlessly teaches important ecological lessons

Science Books & Films - Donald F. Logsdon

excellent quality color illustrations are especially notable features of a strong story line which is fun to read and absorb.

Children's Bookwatch

Christopher Canyon's memorable full color paintings are both magical and true to life.

International Reading Assn., Ohio Chapter

The repetitive, cumulative verse makes the text easy to follow, and the full-page colorful illustrations are superb. If you are searching for some good reading to share with children ages 4 to 10, try this book.

The Vermont Weathervane

The cumulative verse/text is charming and the full-color, full-page illustrations are detailed, elegant, and scientifically accurate. From a press which aims at encouraging appreciation for the natural world, this book is a fine example of its genre.

Small Press Magazine

This book opens kid's hearts and mind to the wonder and necessity of the `elder trees ` This book is a must for parents and teachers who want to develop in young people a sense of caring and concern for the world's precious forests.

Anbcy Lipkis, Pres., Treepeople

The Tree in the Ancient Forest is the children's book of the year for the ecologically minded parent.

Northwest Conservation Magazine

An excellent introduction to the complexities of environmental systems in nature. . . From the lowly fungi and voles to the majestic Northern Spotted Owls, the vibrant pileated woodpecker and the elusive marten, this book is a simple by effective means to convey to young readers the somewhat complex concept of the web nature weaves that scientists often refer to as ecosystems.

The book also has two excellent sections on defining the term `ancient forest' and a concise explanation of why the ancient forest is so crucial to both humans and animals.

Star Kids World
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